Landlord Will ONLY Rent to People with Big Dogs, Especially ‘Bully-Breeds’

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6.7.14 - Landlord Will ONLY Rent to People with Big Dogs1

Anyone who rents their home or apartment and is a pet owner, especially those with large breeds, knows when it come times to move, finding a landlord that will actually consider renting to you can be a long, painful process.  This landlord of a newly remodeled Florida home says the only way to get considered for this property is to HAVE a large breed.

Jade Rouzeau, owner of the property, gets much interest in this beautiful property for rent.  Anyone without a big dog politely gets turned away.

Rouzeau said, “Oh boy, I am pretty passionate about this.”

Rouzeau who is also a lawyer and real estate agent, along with her husband Greg, are long-time pit bull advocates and founded a rescue group that is dedicated to assisting heartworm-positive shelter dogs.  The property they own is up for rent because Greg, who is in the Navy and on active duty, has been transferred to Norfolk, Virginia.

The property is located in Jacksonville’s Mandarin neighborhood.  Jade promises it’s located “a quick few minutes” from many shops and restaurants, and is only about 15-20 minutes from downtown and the Naval Air Station.  It’s a one-level home renovated with new appliances, has three bedrooms, two baths, and a big fenced-in yard and a garage.

If you are interested in the home, you had better have a dog, preferably a large breed.  Pit bulls are even better.

“One or more of your dogs must be on the so-called ‘aggressive’ breed list,” says Rouzeau, meaning pit bulls, huskies, Rottweilers, or any of the other dogs that landlords tend not to welcome, or even allow, into their rentals.

“Big dogs are great because, well, if you have one, you’d know,” she says. “My husband and I, and many large-dog owners, understand firsthand the anxiety and sleepless nights involved with trying to find a place to live that will accept us with our dogs. We were lucky to find a home to rent in our new city. So many families are not as lucky.”

The home will be available August 1st, when Rouzeau and family (including pit bulls Blanche and Maccabee) move to their new home in Norfolk.





13 thoughts on “Landlord Will ONLY Rent to People with Big Dogs, Especially ‘Bully-Breeds’”

  1. a.) that is tenant discrimination. he could be liable legally.
    b.) he probably only wants big dogs so the pitbulls there will have a harder time mauling them compared to the usual poodles, shih tzus, etc.

    • If one can say no dogs or no pit bulls in a rental and it isn’t discrimination, I don’t see how “must have big dogs” would be. Discrimination only applies to categories of people that are protected by law – such as race, gender, etc. BTW, they are lawyers, so they probably don’t need to consult one.

    • Really? You are actually going to post this stupid, tired old comment, that we have seen a million times by the uneducated, misinformed, bit bull haters club members, based on little actual facts, on a site supported by fearcely protective dog loving people? Are you really that stupid?

    • So places that don’t allow pits aren’t discriminating? You are an idiot. Also shih tzus and poodles bite more then pits.

    • it is not protected discrimination. Under current law, it is only illegal to discriminate against people based on a “protected category” (i.e., race, color, creed, religion, sex, gender, political affiliation, etc.). There is no protections built in for being discriminated against because you do (or DON’T) have a dog.

  2. I hope they visit the nice dog parks in Norfolk! PETA has one there and the Barkly Gardens Dogpark in Ghent!

  3. Glad to see this, we always had dogs when we rented and we always were able to find landlords that liked dogs, and didnt mind renting to people who have dogs, but it took some searching.

  4. I’m having the same problem thank God bless you for having a kindhearted understanding because I’m in a place where I would love to have a dog but I can’t have a dog and only dog that I will get is a pitbull I cannot go with those pretty dog I need a real dog ! But I’m still looking for place that will except me and my dog

  5. I love big dogs, especially bullies, like Rotties.
    Animal shelters are so overwhelmed and wind up destroying what could be an excellent dog. Part of the problem is, when people have to rent, landlords do not want them.
    People who are irresponsible let their pets tear up the home and the landlord has to pick up the pieces

  6. Whats the address and how do I contact the owner? We want to relocate and we ebbhave 3 beautiful pitties 🙂 my smallest is 65 lbs of solid musle. They are the sweetest bunch, dont approach unless you love to be tackled and licked lol


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