Lost Dog Found Just in Time for Soldier’s Homecoming

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missyJust before Staff Sergeant Chris O’Neal was supposed to return home from Afghanistan his dog Missy ran away.

O’Neal had never met Missy. He helped pick the boxer out via Skype and photos while serving overseas. O’Neal has been serving in Special Forces in Kabul, Afghanistan. He has suffered a shoulder injury and earned a bronze star while serving. The family helped that Missy would help O’Neal heal when he returned home.

Then last week Missy ran away. O’Neal’s wife Heather and their four children desperately began searching for her, hoping they could find her before O’Neal returns home this Friday. After a week of searching a call from animal control informed the family that Missy was safe, but she had been adopted by another family.

“I was glad she was OK but it was so fast we didn’t have a chance to find her or anything,” said O’Neal.

When the man who adopted Missy heard about Staff Sergeant O’Neal and his family he willingly agreed to give her back to them. He will be handing Missy back over to the family just in time for Staff Sergeant O’Neal’s homecoming.

Heather O’Neal is so grateful that she is determined to find another boxer for the family that is giving Missy back.

5 thoughts on “Lost Dog Found Just in Time for Soldier’s Homecoming”

    • Yes, definitely try to go down the rescue route, so many loving dogs are awaiting homes from shelters.
      Why furnish a “breeder” with your hard earned cash, most breeders are in it for the money, not for the love of animals, if they were in it for the animals, why are so many “pure bred” dogs, bred with congenital illness’ and defects…

      Rescue, before you even entertain a breeder, shelter dogs know you have helped them, and they will be more grateful to you for it.

    • I have a rescued boxer and they are the best! And why in the world would someone give this comment a thumbs down? Good suggestion Bobbi!

  1. One of he fastest ways to lift your spirits is to youtube search “servicemen return home + dog”. No further proof or reason is needed to explain why I am a dog man, for life.


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