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Loving Dog Saves Owner from Choking to Death

by Melanie

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10.2.13 - Dog Saves Woman from Choking

A Rhode Island woman has been given a second chance at life thanks to her loyal and intelligent dog, Samantha.

Candace Lines was home alone and was eating chicken when she began to choke. She gasped, but with no one to help, she started to lose consciousness.

“I went like this and told her to help me, and she did,” Candace said, indicating that Samantha understood what she needed to do, and pressed the emergency alert system button used to ward off burglars.

10.2.13 - Dog Saves Woman from Choking2

Candace was blacking out, but emergency crews arrived in time to save her. Samantha stayed close, keeping an eye on her human all the time.

“She let the firemen take care of me,” Candace explained. “She sat right there in the hallway and watched everything.”

Candace was not able to have children, and considers her dogs to be her kids. She has a close bond with all four of her dogs, but because of what she did, Samantha may have just edged out the competition.

“Thank god my dog saved my life, because if she wasn’t here, I probably would’ve been dead.”

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