Luck Is Running Out for Homeless Man and his Dog Lucky

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Lucky the homeless dog with Cancer
Photo Credit: Cause4Paws, Jasmine Dustin

If you walk down Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles, you might encounter Alfredo Longoria, a homeless man who is living with his 9-year old beloved Mastiff mix dog named Lucky. Ironically, the dog is running out of luck. He has been diagnosed with cancer and Longoria is looking for someone who can help save his best friend’s life.

Jasmin Dustin, founder for Cause4Paws, learned about Longoria and his plea, and knew the organization had to help.

“I received an E-mail earlier this week about a homeless man’s dog needing emergency vet care,” said Dustin. “Lucky has been diagnosed with a cancer on his ankle. The vet said most likely to save his life he’ll have to have his leg amputated.”

Four months ago, Longoria walked into a local veterinarian clinic with his dog because he knew there was something wrong with him. There was a growing mass on Lucky’s right-front ankle that was causing him pain and preventing the dog from using the leg.

“Lucky has to be pushed in a blanket-lined cart due to the pain in his one leg,” said Dustin.

The veterinarian recommended amputating Lucky’s leg, but Longoria was not mentally or economically ready then to do this to his companion dog. Longoria thought there would be and alternative route to curing his pet, so he left the clinic in search of some other help.

“Unfortunately it just [might] be too late for Lucky. He is in constant pain and on Tramadol but you can see he is in intense pain,” said Dustin. “It is very likely [the cancer has] spread and we would be looking at helping him be comfortable. I won’t think of that as an option just yet!”

Lucky's leg with the turmor
Lucky’s leg with the growing mass.
Photo Credit: Cause4Paws, Jasmine Dustin

Cause4Paws has reached out to different organizations and veterinarians willing to overlook Longoria and Lucky’s homelessness situation. Right now, the two have no economic resources to afford Lucky’s medical costs and they need all the help they can get. The rescue hopes luck has not run out on them yet, and there is something to be done to save Lucky’s life – even if it means amputating his leg.

The Amanda Foundation agreed to see Lucky for free, and this morning Alfredo and Lucky were picked by Dustin for their 9 a.m. appointment. (Updates on Lucky’s diagnosis will be posted when these are available.)

While medical help is on its way, Lucky still needs someone to help cover his expenses. Cause4Paws has set up a donation link and so far they have only raised $177.

“The cost of the surgery will most likely not be more than 1,200 dollars but it could be more,” said Dustin. “It really depends on how many days [Lucky] needs to stay in the vet for aftercare.”

As you can see from the pictures, Longoria and Lucky are best of friends. Longoria has always cared for his dog and does what he can to offer him the best life possible. Lucky is microchipped and up-to-date on his shots, all he needs now is a guardian angel to save him from cancer.

In Dustin’s words, “help us save Lucky.

You can learn more about Lucky by visiting Cause4Paws Facebook page.

Alfredo Longoria and his dog Lucky living on the streets.
Photo Credit: Cause4Paws, Jasmine Dustin


16 thoughts on “Luck Is Running Out for Homeless Man and his Dog Lucky”

    • that is one of the most stupid things I’ve heard someone say! .. “Yet another reason why the homeless shouldn’t be allowed to own dogs” … buddy!! .. there are hundreds of thousands of pets without owners! Lucky is just lucky that a homeless person is willing to take care of him!! .. There are too many without owners! … think before you speak Jackson!!

      • So you’re saying someone with no money for proper vet care, no money for good food, and no roof over their head should own a dog? A lot of homeless own pitbulls as well, and a pitbull is not an all-weather dog. You’re promoting negligence.

        • And Jackson, you are promoting ignorance. Obviously, you are not a dog person, or you would know that most dogs would prefer the constant companionship of their person to being left home all day in a mansion while their owner goes to work to buy them “good food”!

          Check the shelters for all of the dogs who are owner surrenders because the people had “personal problems” or “no time” for their pet. I give this guy credit for keeping the dog and trying to get him vet care, even though he probably has much worse “personal problems” than most who dump their dogs.


    • I have seen situations where people with big homes and lots of money should not have a pet…So what are you trying to say? Just because he can’t afford his medical treatment does not mean he loves him any less just as having a home and money does not mean they love their pet anymore.

  1. I just donated because I want to help Lucky and Longorio get better. They have enough pain and anguish just living on the streets.

  2. Jackson I would like 2 mins with u alone u low life.
    I went to site did not find more info about Lucky so I did not donate.
    Give me a proper address and a little more faith that’s where it is going to Lucky count me in. Yes argue vet should have taken the sick leg.


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