Lucky Dog Survives Falling 12 Feet into Septic Tank

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On Nov. 10, 2014, Lizzie, a 10-year-old Border collie from Cumberland County, Pa., fell 12 feet into a septic tank. Her owner, John Hobrle, was checking on the tank that had been emptied just the day before, and unfortunately, the dog toppled head first into the empty tank.

“We were standing there and Lizzie comes by and goes right in,” Hobrle told WKRC.

Lizzie after being rescued.
Lizzie after being rescued.


The pet owner was terrified his dog might have not survived the fall, but he witness how Lizzie got up and startled walking right away.

Hobrle immediately called 911 and within minutes fire crews arrived on the property to rescue the dog. Firefighters were able to secure the dog and lift her to safety.

Lizzie was a bit stinky and after receiving a bath she was on her way to the vet for a checkup. Her owner wanted to make sure the dog did not suffer any internal injuries.

The lucky dog was so thankful to have been pulled right out of the hole, that she even thanks her rescuers with a firm paw-hand shake.

Lizzie saying thanks.
Lizzie saying thanks.

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  1. Saw this happen to a neighbor’s toddler when I was a kid – he was OK, too, after significant clean-up.


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