Starving Stray Found With Sad Note Tied To Collar

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A sweet young dog found on the streets of Lyman, South Carolina was starving and wearing a note from his owner.  The hand written note explained that the dog’s name was Dieosol, and that his owner was sick and could no longer care for him.  It added that his shots were up to date, and he was house trained.  When he was brought to Inman Animal Hospital, the 3 year old’s ribs were showing and he immediately won the hearts of staff.

“Just seeing him broke my heart,” said vet technician Sarah Rice, adding “By the note you can tell that she clearly loved him.”  “He was malnourished, just had a few scars on him, which is expected for an animal living on the streets kind of defending for himself,” said veterinarian Dr. Christy Belcher.

Once Dieosol is in better health he will have surgery to remove his tail and one his back legs, but the his story will have a happy ending.  Sarah Rice has decided to adopt him and give him a forever home.  As for why he was sent out on the the streets with a note, “Right now the economy is very hard,” said Rice. “And for some people pets are not their number one priority. But make sure you exhaust all your other options before you just set them out and leave them.”

Other options for people who can longer care for their pets include contacting a local rescue group or checking the drop-off policy at your nearest shelter.  Dr. Belcher also recommends micro chipping and having your pet wear a collar with your contact information and any health-related information.  For Dieosol life is getting better as he slowly nurses back to good health with his new family.

10 thoughts on “Starving Stray Found With Sad Note Tied To Collar”

  1. i will adot him can you get him to Oregon he would live with his own yard and 3 wonderful dog friends!

  2. What an adorable dog that’s getting a forever home!! We need more stories like this. Stories with happy endings!!

  3. If the owner truly loves and cares for her dog, there are other options she can do and not just leave him to starve in the streets. I wish there will be more Sarah Rice and the person who found and brought him to the vet clinic…

  4. This is a very poorly written article! First it says his only issues were that he was malnourished and had a few scars, then says in the next paragraph that he needed his tail and a leg removed. WTF?!?!

  5. I’m sorry but if that person loved the dog and Was unable to care for it. She should have brought it to a shelter instead of letting it run the streets starving!

  6. God bless you Sarah Rice you are this beautiful babies Angel…I almost cried reading this babies story…people I guess need to know there are options out there and be better educated.I would love to see his progress pictures down the road possibly? He warmed my heart…his eyes spoke a thousand words ..omg…I can see how you fell in love with him…I can’t imagine what these poor babies go thru day and night trying to survive and being so scared and Lonely…it’s heartbreaking to say the east I am soo happy you and Diesol found one another..sorry for what he went through and will be going through loosing his tail and leg…but he will now have a god life and have food and someone to take care of him and look up to..and never have to worry about we’re he will lay his tired little head at night…live hearing these stories…have a blessed life sweet Diesol…you deserve it sweetheart:)


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