Man Helps Stray Dog Cross the Road

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Stray dogs are invisible pets. The average person ignores homeless animals when encountered on the streets. These dogs only survive because of their street smarts or because they meet a kind human who offers them food, water and rescue whenever possible. However, in India a man sees a stray dog trying to cross a road and the man does the unexpected.

The video below was uploaded to YouTube by the user Marcos Bass. In it we see how a dog stands next to man and patiently waits for the human to help him cross the road. The video description says the good Samaritan is a policemen directing traffic, and armed with a whistle the man signals the dog to stay on the side of the road while he walks to the middle of the high-speed street and forces the vehicles to stop behind him. With his arms raised in the air, the man holds up traffic for the dog, allowing him to safely cross the road.

What a wonders man/policeman this man is.

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