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Man steals dog and drives off while horrified owner watches


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In a unbelievable turn of events, a man picked up a dog and drove off with it while the owner helplessly watched.  The dog, a gray and white shih tzu named Tinkerbelle, escaped from her family’s home and ran into traffic nearby.  One of the family members, a twelve year old girl, chased after the dog and was horrified by what happened next.

Seeing the young girl chasing the dog through traffic, many cars stopped to help her save Tinkerbelle.  But one dark colored SUV, driven by a man, stopped and grabbed the dog, but before driving off did something terrible. “He did a U-turn and he was coming back toward my daughter, headed back toward Auburn, and he slowed down, had the dog, pointed at the dog and said I have your dog and then sped off,” explains Dixie Mitchell.

A witness chased the man, but was unable to track him.  Police say that in cases like this the motivation could be to use the dog as bait in dog fighting, or plan to come back to the owner’s home and use the dog to kidnap children.  “I hope that if anybody witnessed the incident they would call the police department with any information because my daughter was so shook up, she doesn’t really remember all of the details,” says Mitchell.

The best Christmas present the Mitchell’s could have would be to get Tinkerbelle back.  If you have any information about the dog, you are asked to please contact the Auburn Police Department or the Lee County Humane Society.