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Man Unable to get Dog Back from Animal Shelter

by Melanie

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In Stockton, California, Dexter Vernon’s Husky-Malamute mix was taken from his backyard.  The dog had been found by the Stockton Animal Services, and was seriously injured.  Now, Vernon is being told that he needs to come up with $800 to cover expenses while his dog was being treated and held there.

The dog was taken from his backyard on Easter Sunday.  After this he had called the Stockton Animal Shelter daily, and posted flyers and signs, but couldn’t locate his furry friend.

Later, through a Facebook post on the Northern California Sled Dog Rescue page, Vernon found out his dog was badly hurt, and may have been burned by acid.  Now the rescue group is trying to raise $10,000 for the dog’s treatments and care.

When Vernon tried to call the rescue group directly, no one answered.  He called the city shelter as well, where they told him that he would first have to come up with $800 to cover the treatments given to the dog while in their care.  Otherwise, he will not get the dog back.

“Now they are telling me I owe $800 if I want my dog back,” said Vernon.  “That’s a lot of money.  I don’t have that kind of money at this point in my life right now.”

The shelter is claiming that the fees are for one day of lodging, along with treatments and care given to the dog.  Vernon has said he isn’t even able to get a straight answer as to who has custody of his dog at the moment.

All Vernon says he wants to know is how his dog is, and exactly what he has got to do to get his dog back.