Man Who Killed Police Dog Fargo Sentenced to 35 Years in Jail

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fargoLaw enforcement officers sat in a Columbia, South Carolina courtroom Monday to watch the sentencing of a man who killed one of their own. 24-year-old Maurice Anton McCreary, who killed K-9 officer Fargo two years ago, was sentenced to 35 years in jail.

In December of 2011 McCreary ran from officers after an armed robbery. Officers, including K-9 Fargo, chased after him. As he ran McCreary fired several shots at the pursuing officers. Fargo was shot three times and died later at a veterinarian’s office.

On Monday McCreary pleaded guilty to five counts of attempted murder and the unlawful killing of a police dog.

Despite two years passing, the loss of Fargo was still emotional for several officers. Deputy Adam Oxedine, who was with Fargo and his handler Deputy Warren Cavanagh the night of the shooting, fought back tears as he spoke before the judge. He asked the judge to consider the loss of Fargo in his sentencing.

Both Fargo’s handler Officer Cavanagh credits Fargo with saving the lives of the other officers that night.

“Fargo was part of our family,” Cavanagh said. “Fargo did what he was trained to do. He made the ultimate sacrifice so all of these officers could go home to their families.”


Judge Robert Hood after hearing the emotional pleas from Fargo’s fellow officers sentenced McCreary to five years for killing Fargo and 30 years for the attempted murder of the other officers.

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  1. I don’t see officers that kill dogs getting charged at all. I feel bad they lost a dog but the rampant disregard for dogs they kill in the “line of duty” should be the real story here.

  2. My message is the same as Sandy’s.

    I am glad that the murderer of this special dog is going to prison, but to families, THEIR pets are special.

    How many family pets have been shot and killed for defending their homes, or for just being there, or for no reason at all except the officer COULD and get away with it? And they do.

  3. My friend had his German Shepard killed by a police officer lurking around his house, and they gave him a ticket, I think that ass clown small town barny fife should be put on trial for killing an innocent dog like that guy did

  4. Sandy and Cheryl F. are right on track. Most of the time there is not even an apology or any indication that the officer who shot the family dog thinks he / she did anything wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I very much appreciate the majority of officers who put their life on the line every day to keep the public safe. However, I fail to understand why zero action is taken in instances where the officer was clearly wrong.

  5. Im not going to let any cop kill my animals or arrest me I will defend myself from these thugs even if I have to take the law into my own hands


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