Manitoba Bans Ear Cropping

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A new Manitoba bylaw has outlawed the practice of cropping dog ears for cosmetic enhancement, and any veterinarians who violate the ban will face charges under the province’s Animal Care Act.

“We’re looking out for animal welfare.,” said Winnipeg vet, Dr. Ron Worb, owner of the St. Boniface-area Anderson Animal Hospital. “We need to change breed standards and that’s what veterinarians feel.”

Manitoba veterinarians began turning down requests for ear cropping in recent years, but area breeders continue to border hop to have the procedure performed in the United States or Ontario, where cropping is considered acceptable.

To perform the procedure, a vet must first put the pet under anesthesia, then use splints and tape the ears back for a period of six weeks. The procedure can lead to infections that in rare cases, can lead to serious illness.

Those found to be in violation of the ban will face fines ranging from $5,000 for a first offense to a maximum of $30,000. The new legislation does not restrict tail docking, another controversial cosmetic procedure that has declined in popularity.

The breeds most commonly subjected to ear cropping are Great Danes, schnauzers, boxers, Dobermans  and miniature pinschers.

7 thoughts on “Manitoba Bans Ear Cropping”

  1. Cropping of the ears and docking of the tails should be removed from the breed standards and be done only if medically necessary. I never understood these practices of mutilation in perfectly good-looking dogs…

  2. The picture used in this article is that of my beloved dogs Rain, Trinity, and Rory. They are loved and cared for as cherished pets as well as incredible examples of the wonderful breed The Great Dane. This picture has been used without permission and I resent it being used to get attention to an article highlighting something anti cropping. I have been breeding Great Danes for years and it is not crewel when the cropping is done by a Veterinarian Surgeon. Many of the people with opinions regarding this simply have no experience. I hope everyone enjoys seeing my beautiful dogs, but please know I do not like my pictures being stolen from my website.

  3. To Barb
    Your dogs are beautiful. You do look after your dogs and I know that you have cropped for a reason. It isn’t cruel when done by a qualified vet. I strongly believe that a vet should be allowed to make his/her own decisions as to whether they will crop or not. Freedom of choice……but are we losing every bit of free choice that we have in Canada. Left to the activists we will lose every right that we have ever enjoyed. Not just when it comes to the dog world either.
    And….I do hope that everyone is enjoying the picture that was stolen from your website. It is beautiful.
    Why couldn’t the person who posted have made the effort to take their own photo. OH…THAT WOULD HAVE REQUIRED SOME EFFORT ON THEIR PART! STEALING IS MUCH EASIER I GUESS!

  4. Perhaps try using your own photo for your article instead of stealing a photo from a breeder’s website to further your cause.


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