Puppy Workout Regimen Video

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This precious, lighthearted romp from DDRTX.org made my Friday morning. We’ve donated far too much furniture to puppy teeth, so another little one is not in our future – but this is a great way to get that dose of puppy fun without the cleanup! 🙂

Now don’t you just want one? See here for more info: Diamond Dachshund Rescue of TX
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11 thoughts on “Puppy Workout Regimen Video”

  1. Im with you…no more puppies. Even donated all my “raising puppies” books. But really enjoyed seeing these cuties

  2. I see this cuteness every day as my 2 whippet puppies, now 4 months old, romp and play and wrestle in the back yard (and in the house too!). I just love puppies, but these will be my last ones. They are a LOT of work (and expense too 🙂 but they are so worth every bit of it! I hope these gorgeous, happy puppies are in their forever homes SOON!

  3. I’ve wanted a doxie for ….forever. Finally got my wish this past March when we adopted Thelma Lou. She was a rescue from a closed puppy mill. She is my pride and joy and I do mean joy. Next to my greyhound kids, she is the best thing that’s happened to us in a long time. Way tooooo cute, smart and loving. Couldn’t ask for more.


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