Meet Jurassic Jessie! She Needs a Forever Home

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5.24.15 - Jessie1

At the Dogs Trust Merseyside facility in Huyton, England, staff just couldn’t get over Jessie.  Sporting some very interesting coloration, it looks almost as if she has a dinosaur on her chest.

She is up for adoption, she is 18 months old and very, very lovable.  Aside from all the extra attention Jessie gets due to her interesting markings, she also enjoys “digging for fossils” and loves to play outdoors.

Aimee Best, supporter relations officer at Dog Trust says that the marking on her chest is the only similarity she has to dinosaurs.  Other than that, she is 100% dog.

Best said, “[Her markings are] where the similarity between Jessie and a velociraptor ends, as she is such a sweet natured, fun-loving girl who adores people and loves to play.  She is looking for experienced terrier owners, and would prefer to be the only pet in the home so that she can enjoy all your attention to herself.”

“We are hoping her special marking may appeal to dog-loving dinosaur fans as she is a very skilled and enthusiastic digger and is often digging for bones.  So we wouldn’t be surprised if she found a T-Rex fossil one day!” said Best in a news interview.

“With the new Jurassic Park film due shortly we are hoping that as fans are unable to adopt a real dinosaur Jessie will be the next best thing!”

If the description of the perfect forever family for Jessie sounds like your family, or if you’d like information on any of the many adoptable dogs that reside at Dog Trust, you can click here to visit their website.


5.24.15 - Jessie2