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“Mericle” Dog Survives Two Hit-and-Runs

by Fred

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11.1.15 - HOPE

Last week, a dog from Newport News, Virginia named Hope survived being hit by two cars in one day, all on the same stretch of road.  A passer by saw the trouble the dog was in, and stepped in just in time to save her life.

Jonah Mericle is the good Samaritan in this story.  He was instrumental in getting Hope to help in time.

“At this point, she was bleeding badly.  It wasn’t very comfortable for the dog pretty clearly, but she didn’t bark.  She didn’t growl.  She wasn’t aggressive,” said Mericle.

Mericle wrapped Hope up in a blanket and rushed her to a local animal hospital.  It was discovered that Hope was going to need a bit of surgery to assure that her injuries would heal properly, and that the long term effects could be minimized.

Mericle then got together with his wife, and the two started a campaign to raise the money needed for Hope’s surgery.  Their community didn’t disappoint, either.  The outpouring of support was nothing short of incredible.

“For the community to reach out really was a big thing for me because it’s one thing if it’s your dog.  It’s another if it’s a dog you don’t even know,” said Mericle.  “Money is tight for everyone.”

The search is on now to find out if Hope belongs to a particular family.  For now, she’s been staying with Mericle and his family.  For a dog injured as badly as she has been, she still seems to be in very good spirits.

“I have two kids running around and she’s never growled, nothing, perfect temperament,” said Mericle.