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Microchip mistake sends family dog out of state


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Sometimes people think they are taking all possible precautions to protect their pets, but missing one little detail can change everything.  This is what happened when Miley went missing from her home in Rio Linda and wasn’t wearing a collar.  The golden retriever somehow got out of the yard and was picked up by a well intentioned passerby who took the dog to the nearest vet and left, thinking everything would be fine.

Meanwhile Miley’s owner, Christina Kimble was searching for her dog.  The vet scanned the microchip but the information that came up was incorrect and said the dog came from the golden retriever rescue organization Homeward Bound.  The rescue was contacted, picked up the dog, and proceeded to spend the next 18 days trying to locate her owners.  “We posted on Craigslist. We put up signs and we even contacted our adopters in the Rio Linda area if anyone was missing a dog,” said Jody Jones of Homeward Bound.

At the same time Kimble and her family were posting flyers, ads on craigslist, and searching the neighbourhood for their beloved pet.  When Kimble adopted Miley from a family friend she was given the microchip certificate that she still has, unaware that the contact info was incorrect.  But it remains a mystery why they never found each other.

Eventually the rescue gave up and re-homed Miley to an out of state family.  “We have a dog that has no ID on it, no registration to, for the microchip other than to Homeward Bound. We posted trying to find the owner. We got no response so we placed the dog in a new home,” said Jones.  Now Kimble is desperately trying to get her baby back, saying she doesn’t want a new dog, just wants her Miley back who her daughter misses desperately.

Screen Shot 2013 01 31 at 10.17.20 AMThis is a great reminder to pet owners everywhere to ensure their microchips are up to date with current contact info, and to also keep a collar and tags on their dogs whenever they are outside.