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Military Family Reunited With Yorkie After Four Years Apart


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Dylan, Monty, Alexandra and Diva


Alexandra and Dylan Cruz were just 11 and 9 years old when they last saw Monty, their now 7-year-old Yorkie. It was 2008 and the Cruz family was being deployed overseas. Not only was the transition a big one, but they had to make the very difficult decision regarding what was best for their two Yorkies – Monty and Diva. The cost to move the whole family to Germany, where yard size was an issue, led to the heartbreaking decision to re-home Monty with another family at the military base they were living at in Ft. Huachuca, Arizona.

Prior to leaving for Germany, the Cruz family checked in on Monty numerous times and even visited with Diva before their departure. As months turned to years, the Cruz family thought of Monty often, but never expected to see him again. Then, just weeks ago, as the Thanksgiving holiday approached, the Cruz family received a call from a Good Samaritan who had found Monty wondering the streets. She had taken him to a veterinarian who discovered his microchip which led back to the Cruz family, now living in El Paso, Texas.

As they worked to make arrangements to get Monty back, Monty’s newest owner called stating she wanted Monty back. The family agreed, saying that if she really loved him she could have him back, but only if she would fix her fence and update his microchip. Despite those promises, it was only a matter of days before Monty ended up at the Arizona Humane Society.

Over the next few weeks, Monty underwent a series of simple yet necessary procedures in AHS’ Second Chance Animal Hospital™ in preparation for his much-anticipated holiday reunion. As AHS’ veterinarians worked to get Monty in perfect health, AHS’ volunteer force reached out to their network of friends and family in order to find someone who could accompany Monty to El Paso. After weeks of planning and dozens of e-mails, Monty landed in El Paso first thing on a Monday morning, December 17, … and just in time for the holidays.

The Cruz family truly believes that after all of this time it was fate that brought Monty back to them and to Diva. Not only does Monty rejoin his old friend Diva and his human family, but he also joins Jade, a 4-year-old Chiweenie and Dolli, a 5-year-old Terrier mix.

Monty is just one of over 1,000 pets who AHS’ Alternative Placement has helped reunite with their loving owners after they have gone missing. For more information on the organization’s alternative placement programs, please visit