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Miracle Dog Survives Euthanasia and Finds New Owner

by Katherine

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We all know the sad true thousands of shelter dogs across the world suffer. Some are lucky and get rescued by no-kill shelters. These pets have the rest of their lives to find a family and a home, but others not so lucky get a few weeks – at most – before being put on the euthanasia list.

Russel, a mix breed dog from Málaga, Spain, was set to be put down late September. Along other dogs whose time was up, Russel was picked up early in the morning and taken to a room. This would be the last place Russel would ever see.

Photo Credit: Ladridos Felices
Photo Credit: Ladridos Felices

The plan was for the technician to sedate all dogs first and then administer a deadly dose forcing Russel and his friends to cross the rainbow bridge.

Somehow the technician forgot to inject Russel with the killer dose, and when the technician checked to make sure all dogs were no longer breathing, he was surprised to find Russel breathing.

The technician didn’t have the heart to put Russel to sleep again. After all, if the dog had been saved from the brink of death once, who was he to mess with Russel’s destiny?

Instead, the good-hearted technician hid Russel in a crate and called the rescue group Ladridos Felices. They happily came to rescued and saved Russel.

Ladridos Felices took Russel away, and since that late September Day, they worked hard to network and find Russel a new home and loving owner.

Russel was described as a shy dog. He was scared. At Ladridos Felices he would keep to himself and hardly move away from his dog bed. This was probably because Russel was afraid to get hurt by humans. When Russel was taken out for walks, he transformed into a different dog – a happy one.

“We have seen that Russel is a wonderful dog. He is calm, loveable, affectionate and overall a beautiful dog,” read a Facebook post.

On October 2, 2013, Russel’s luck changed. Someone had finally fallen in love with him and asked about adopting him.

Russel was adopted by Maria Jose and his new life would soon start in a different country, the Netherlands, far away from his sad past.

Congratulations Russel for defeating death and finding an owner who would shower you with love.