Missing Dog Found After Escaping Kennel

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3.21.15 - Theo2


A teacher Fayette from County, Pennsylvania whose dog had gone missing has finally been found.  She says the Theo ran away while under the care of a Uniontown kennel.

Since disappearing, many of the neighbors of Theo’s human, Danielle Kaufman, came together to help locate him.  Theo was even featured by the police in Fayette County on their Crime Stoppers page.  Theo was reported to have taken off while staying at Joy’s Doggie Bed and Biscuit.

According to Kaufman, he had escaped while outdoors, in a fenced in area.

“Not in a million years do you ever think that’s going to happen,” Kaufman said.  “Especially someone that’s supposed to be qualified and someone who’s supposed to have the right equipment and resources to do what they need to do, and she did not do that.”

3.21.15 - TheoFEAT

Kaufman had said the business was very apologetic about the entire situation.

“Every night we were worried about where he’s sleeping or what he had to eat that day and it’s just really difficult,” said Kaufman.

Theo is being taken to a vet for a full check up.  When he was found, all outward appearances have Theo looking physically just fine.  The family just wants to make sure all is 100%.

14 thoughts on “Missing Dog Found After Escaping Kennel”

  1. That was always my fear of leaving my dog with a kennel of any kind, with strangers. I got people that I knew, to take care of him, sometimes at my home. It just made everyone happy, I wasn’t worried and the dog didn’t get upset by staying in an unknown place and I really don’t like kennels. I am so glad this had a happy ending.

  2. A lot of missing info in this story, like how long the dog was actually gone, how he got out, where he was found, and who actually found him??!

    • The dog was missing for four days, he went missing Tuesday morning and was found 3pm Friday. He got out through the gate in the fence at Joy’s Doggie Bed & Biscuit daycare/boarding facility. He was found ~4miles away from where he was lost, in a secluded field and went to his owner and their other dog in the field. Several people were searching for him that day and helped create a perimeter to guide him to his owner. The information regarding this can be found on Facebook on the “FIND THEO” page.


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