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MO Animal Rescue Saves Puppies from Cold Weather

by Katherine

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Stray animals will try to take refuge anywhere they can, and with the extreme cold temperatures most of the nation is experiencing, homeless pets have no other option than to enter abandoned homes and take cover. Many times, these uninhabitable spaces dont provide much protection from the bitter cold.

This January, Gateway Pet Guardians from St. Louis, Mo., rented a four-wheel-drive car during one of the coldest days, and headed out to rescue many of the stray animals they feed on a daily basis. The organizations rescues homeless pets once foster homes are found and set to welcome animals in need.

One of two puppies rescued from bitter cold.
One of two puppies rescued from bitter cold.


When the animal organization arrived at an abandoned home in Metro East, they found a female mixed breed dog and three puppies. The group had the best intentions for the entire family to get a real warm place they could call home, but unfortunately the momma dog ran away and one of her puppies did not survived the sub-zero temperatures. The surviving two puppies were picked up, wrapped in blankets and headed to foster.

Gateway Pet Guardians left food for momma and promised to come back and rescue her.

These two puppies are not the only ones the organization has saved from the brutal winter. Gateway Pet Guardians goes out and saves innocent lives each week.

If you would like to foster, adopt or donate towards this great cause, visit Gateway Pet Guardians website.