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Odd News: Dog Gets Stuck In Tree

by Katherine

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Felines are mischievous pets that love to climb onto places and more often than not, firefighters are accustomed to emergency calls where cats stuck in trees need rescue. But when Sonoma Valley firefighters got a call on Jan. 28, 2014, about a dog stuck in a tree, they couldn’t believe it.

A Poodle mix chased a squirrel up a tree, and after climbing and not being able to capture its prey, the canine realized he had no way to get down.

Canine waiting for rescue. Photo Credit: Mike Bruno
Canine waiting for rescue. Photo Credit: Mike Bruno


A woman from George Ranch subdivision called emergency personnel hoping the experienced rescuers could come get the dog down. Yet, firefighters had to ask twice because they couldn’t believe the pet needing help was a dog and not a cat.

“What did they just say?” said Capt. Mike Bruno. “I’ve worked this job 37 years and this is the first dog I’ve seen in a tree.”

A few minutes later, the team arrived on scene and Firefighter Ryan McCracken used a 14-foot ladder to get the 20 pound dog out of its jam.

When the four-legged friend saw his rescuer approach, he whimpered, and he gladly walked over to McCracken as if saying ‘get me off this tree.’

The firefighter safely lowered the relieved pet and he was reunited with his owner.

According to The Press Democrat, once the dog was safe on solid ground, he was licking everyone in sight.

It is safe to say this dog won’t be chasing any more squirrels up any tree.