Neglected Dog Gets Cantaloupe-Sized Tumor Removed from Neck

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11.6.14 - Neglected Dog Gets Cantaloupe-Sized Tumor Removed1


Biggy, a senior Shar-Pei who has been living with a four-pound tumor hanging from his neck for the last three years, has finally gotten the surgery he’s so badly needed.  He was also dealing with some other health issues prior to being surrendered, but is now recovering and looking for a home.

Biggy was surrendered to the Chilliwack SPCA in British Columbia last month after his owners finally realized they could not care for him.  He was lugging around the increasingly large tumor for years, and had a number of other medical problems, including a diet-related skin condition and eye problems.


11.6.14 - Neglected Dog Gets Cantaloupe-Sized Tumor Removed3


“We have a very special older Shar-Pei named Biggy with a nasty looking mass hanging from his neck. This poor boy has been suffering for several years with this growth which weighs about five pounds and needs to be removed as soon as possible so he can live a normal life,” the SPCA said on their Facebook page.  “And as if the growth wasn’t enough to deal with Biggy also has food related allergies affecting his skin and bi-lateral entropia, an eyelid condition that is very uncomfortable and also requires surgery. Biggy will turn nine years old in November – please help us make whatever time he has left more comfortable.”

Over $3,000 in donations come pouring in for Biggy and last week he had his surgery.


11.6.14 - Neglected Dog Gets Cantaloupe-Sized Tumor Removed4


“Our Brave Biggy is recovering fantastically from surgery Thursday to remove a four-pound benign lipoma tumour from his neck. The growth removal as well as entropian surgery was done pro bono by Valley Veterinary Services in Chilliwack.”

Sixty-two stitches were required to close the incision.  Now the smiley boy is feeling much better.

“Biggy is coping well with his recovery – even tolerating having to wear booties on his hind feet to prevent him from scratching at his incision.  A million thanks from the staff and volunteers to all of Biggy’s supporters – he sends a big slobbery kiss to all of you!”


11.6.14 - Neglected Dog Gets Cantaloupe-Sized Tumor Removed5


“He is active and happy to be able to move around without the discomfort of the dangling growth,” branch manager Ivanna Ferris said in a statement.  “Now we’re hoping we can find a perfect match with a loving, permanent home for Biggy.”

If you’re interested in adopting the nine-year-old dog, please call the Chilliwack branch at 604-823-6612, or email [email protected].