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Never Too Old for a “Happy” Ending


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Happy is a 20 year old terrier mix-yes, 20 YEARS old! It’s already an accomplishment just to make it to 20 years but this is far from the only achievement that Happy has attained. She has survived two horrible years on the streets and several health problems.

Two years ago, Happy went missing after her owner passed away. The owner’s family searched everywhere for her, but thought that she too must have perished.

However, this past May, Beth Lawn heard a dog barking and whining and went out to find Happy in a ditch trapped between a building and a fence. After rescuing Happy, she called Peace of Mind Dog Rescue, a no-kill rescue located on the central coast of California.

Happy Before
Happy Before

Happy was emaciated and matted so badly with filth that she had dreadlocks! Peace of Mind Dog Rescue immediately got Happy to a vet for a full examination and work up. They also found that she had a microchip and realized that the chip she had was 20 years old!

The original family of the owner lived down the street from Beth, though the wife had passed away.  Unfortunately, the husband was also ill and could not take Happy back. He had not seen her in two years and was in no shape to care for a 20 year old dog.

Beth suddenly realized that she had known Happy back when she had been a puppy! She used to ride her horse by the house and would stop to say hi to Happy.

Soon after this, the results of the veterinary examination revealed that Happy had a bladder tumor and showed the early signs of kidney failure. Peace of Mind Dog Rescue thought that there would be no way that Happy would get adopted, considering her age and health condition.

Happy After
Happy After

However, the local paper ran a story about Happy and a couple who read the story immediately called, wanting to adopt Happy and give her a home to live out her final days in. This amazing couple welcomed Happy into their home and, out of the goodness of their hearts, even gave Peace of Mind Dog Rescue a donation to cover all the expenses incurred from rescuing Happy. They also committed to paying for the rest of Happy’s medical care.

After everything she has been through, the little terrier mix has found a forever home before the rainbow bridge and is “Happy.” She continues to enjoy the company of people and other dogs and has a substantial appetite. She also loves to take walks with her family.


Peace of Mind Dog Rescue is a resource and advocate for senior dogs and senior people on the central coast of California. They find loving homes for dogs whose guardians can no longer care for them and for senior dogs in shelters. They rescue 150-200 dogs per year. At any given time, they have an average of about 55 dogs in foster care. They have a lifetime commitment to each dog in their care and the dogs can remain with them as long as it takes to find them a wonderful, loving home.