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New Delhi police dog being honored in retirement


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AnuA New Delhi police dog is retiring after a long and distinguished career in public service, and she is being honored for her efforts.  The much beloved dog named Anu is the only female doberman on the force, the other 14 dogs all being labradors and she has helped arrest many drug dealers and other criminals during her 10 year career.

Anu was bought in 2002 at the age of 7 months and has won many awards for her intelligence and agility, but she is also incredibly friendly and adored by all.  “She is the only dog who can roam around freely, be it the training ground or the office. Not even the senior officers mind this…she is loved by all,” a police officer told IANS, requesting anonymity.

She has also been used to help train younger dogs over the years, but with her advanced age her instincts are no longer as sharp, and she does not move as well as she used to though she did still recently win a competition.  Her proud handler, Constable Vidyasagar said “Recently, she won a bronze medal in the All-India Police Duty Meet competition held in Haryana.”

Anu will be adopted by an NGO and will have a much deserved life of leisure now that her working days are done.  Her replacement will be a young labrador who has been purchased from the Indian army.  According to Sub-Inspector Digvijay, in charge of the Model Town dog squad unit, “The dogs are very important as they help us detect explosives, seize drugs and track criminals.”

Though she will be missed, she will be remembered for her wonderful demeanour and her many contributions to public safety.