Not Even a Million Treats Will Get This Puppy to Go Downstairs!

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Like many puppies, Dakota has to learn how to use the stairs and is a bit intimidated.  But it will take more than treats to get her to overcome her fear!



From uploader Paul Mather:

Possibly the cutest husky video in the world! This is our husky puppy, Dakota, trying to walk down the stairs. So cute and hilarious at the same time!

1:44 in the video absolutely cracks me up – she’s so smart – she knew I was mocking her and you can see it in her face, it looks like she’s saying “how dare you.”

I also have to be conscious of the neighbours, as you can hear, she talks a lot and her yapping really does hit some fairly high pitches and I’m not sure how long they can deal with it – I know for sure I can only cope for so long. I’m leaning that Huskies talk!