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Not-for-Profit Group Helps Get People Ready for New Tethering Laws

by Fred

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On January 1st, 2016 in both Graham and Burlington North Carolina, new laws concerning dog tethering go into effect.  A not-for-profit organization (NPO) has been going around to ensure that all citizens of both places are fully aware of how the new laws work, and what their rights and responsibilities are.

The name of the NPO is Friends of Mebane’s Animals, or FOMA for short.  They just got finished putting up a fence for someone in need, so that the person doesn’t run a fowl of the law, and so he wouldn’t have to surrender his canine best friend.

12.29.15 - FOMAfeat

Renee Bartis is the president of FOMA, and has said that their mission is to help low-income individuals to be able to better take care of their animal family members.  According to her, every person that they set up a “Freedom Fence” for, is required to get their dogs or cats spayed or neutered.  The funding for the materials used to make the fences are purchased using private donations, but the amount of money coming in for the fences has slowed considerably.

Dollie Humphrey was one of the most recent people to have a fence installed on her property by FOMA.  She’s grateful that FOMA was able to help her and her dog Max stay together.

12.29.15 - FOMA1

“It means the world to us to be able to get him off of that tether,” Humphrey said.  “He can run and play and do what he wants to do without something on his neck.  I’m a retired, disabled, 67-year-old.  I have the dog, but I couldn’t afford to get the fence.  FOMA is a lifesaver!”

To get more information on FOMA, or on how to make sure you are in compliance with the new laws prior to January 1st, you can visit the FOMA website by clicking here.  To see the FOMA Facebook page, click here.

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