NYC Dogs Get Second Chance as Police Deliver Them to Rescue

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Dogs being neglected in a NYC home visited by police earlier this week were rescued and delivered to a shelter that will rehabilitate them.

Tuesday night, after closing time, Animal Haven received a call from a police officer who had just arrested an entire family. In the basement of the house he found several emaciated dogs jammed in crates and covered in feces.

Animal Haven couldn’t turn the dogs away and told the NYPD to bring them straight to their Lower Manhattan shelter building. The dogs arrived in a cruiser shortly afterward.

Though Animal Haven was without heat or power for several days following Hurricane Sandy, they are back to their mission of saving lives and finding homes for some of New York’s dogs and cats in need.

The police officer’s decision to turn the dogs over to Animal Haven instead of calling New York City’s notorious department of Animal Care and Control may have saved the animals’ lives.

Though the dogs are heartwrenchingly skinny now, after their prolonged neglect, their rescue is a cause for celebration. It marks a beginning on the road back to health and well being.

The organization will provide the dogs with all the care they need, and is accepting donations from its supporters through its Recovery Road Fund.

3 thoughts on “NYC Dogs Get Second Chance as Police Deliver Them to Rescue”

  1. God bless these babies this officer was their Angel this day and thank god for the Animal Haven for having the huge hearts they do . Every animal deserves a good ,happy and healthy breaks my heart that people are so neglectful and that the animal control seems to only kill innocent victims of neglect and abuse as if these animals haven’t been thru enough .if they cared ey would take a stand or these animals and do their best to get the hoes and Ostend out there is no … No reason to kill innocent and voice less , helpless animals. Grateful that this day these precious babies were saved from a life of ell or death. May they find the wonderful homes they so deserve:) god bless all NYC animals who fall in the hands of the wrong folks including their animal control. Someone needs to take a stand and better improve their image because people affiliate them as a death shelter… So sad and pathetic

  2. Well there are kill shelters and we need to put an end to that……I understand when they say we can’t have no kill shelter for there are just too many dogs.. Then I say, have free spay and nueter clinics all over ever city & state that has a stray,homeless problem and do not make it so expansive to care for a pet… Vets are payed alot of money just for a basic check up, never mind the med’s and shots when needed…people say do not have a pet if u can’t afford them, well here we go again, if just the rich had animals we would be worse off….we deserve to have the love of an animal if we in turn have a loving heart!!!!! there is alot a city can do to help the shelters and rescue places to save these unwanted animals & the ones with homes..It is so hard to raise and provide for ur families and a pet. to many turn a blind eye on the needy, when God said help ur brother for 1 day u may need that hand!!!!!! My right hands gives before my left hand knows….<3 Please help shelters, adopt and spay ur pets… give when u can $$$ or ur time..I believe u will filll ur heart with compassion and love in return…..

  3. oh and thank u to the policeman who saved these beautiful dogs and the ones who now do all they can to continue with there well being 🙂 to the week who did these horrid acts, may u spend the rest of ur days in hell ….


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