Obie and Noggin

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Obie, the sweet dachshund being helped with a major weight loss and fitness plan, gets some encouragement from his friend Nog.

Obie is a 5 year old standard dachshund who is on a mission to lose about 40 pounds. His weight in August was 77lbs. His owners lapsed into senile dementia and overfed him, then were no longer capable of caring for him and relinquished him. He is in a new home and on a weight loss program. His blood work is normal and he is otherwise healthy.

His progress can be followed at the Biggest Loser, Doxie Edition page on Facebook.


15 thoughts on “Obie and Noggin”

  1. Is this a current video? Funny , I was just thinking about this dog the other day and wondered how he is doing. Thanks for the update!!

  2. Really??? How in the world do you allow your dog to get this big???? Sure it’s great that the other dogs are helping out and it’s pretty cool they love each other that much… but where were the owners when the food intake needed to be monitored… this is not overweight… this is just downright ridiculous… he can’t even walk without his belly hitting the ground.

    • I’m so glad you took the time to find out what is really going on with this dog . Your misinformed comments are typical of people who open their mouths before the obtain the facts . Don’t be so quick to judge someone when you are ignorant and to lazy to find out what is really happening .

      • Unfortunately, there was not original story posted with this video…… all most of us know is that the poor guy was originally owned by an elderly couple that overfed the dog with table food. Is that not accurate? If it is.. it’s still abuse whether they are elderly or not…. additionally, if you are going to site an “original story”, why didn’t you attach a link? Not trying to be rude, just sayin.

  3. people -read the original story and the caption above this one before you go off with your half baked comments . These are the people who are helping the dog loose weight , they are not the original owners . These people deserve all the credit they can be given .

  4. WOW! They are doing a great job with him… he’s walking and he’s lost some serious weight… great job!

  5. Than you you’re doing a great job
    Unfortunately, some people think giving food to a pet when it wants it is love. It doesn’t matter that the previous owner’s were elderly. It is still abuse.

  6. Cripes folks read the article before your going off half cocked. This wasn’t done intentionally and now his new people are helping him lose weight.

    ” His owners lapsed into senile dementia and overfed him, then were no longer capable of caring for him and relinquished him.”

    Reading won’t hurt you I promise, I know it is harder than just watching a video but it really will be OK.


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