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Officer Awarded for Saving Puppy from Hot Car

by Melanie

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Animal Control Officer Joe Gonzalez
Animal Control Officer Joe Gonzalez



Animal Control Officer Joe Gonzalez was just doing his job, but because of his heroism to one puppy, is being awarded by Four Corners Animal League.

Gonzalez arrived at the Taos, New Mexico Walmart parking lot to find a puppy in car on a 90-degree day with the two front windows only slightly cracked open. He had the front desk inside the store page the owner of the vehicle, but no one responded. The officer then called for police assistance.

Just as the officers were about to open the door, a friend of the owner came outside with the keys. It had been 40 minutes since the call had come in about the puppy – being trapped inside much longer would have been its death.

The owner became belligerent and swore at officers, vowing to sue them. But when arrest was threatened, the owner relented and opened the door. They were cited for leaving a dog in a hot car.

Gonzalez went to court for the citation, and won his first case in animal abuse. The Four Corners Animal League has much appreciation for their three animal control officers, and wanted to show it by awarding Gonzalez for doing his duty to help animals in need.