Ontario Dog Trapped in Truck Honks to Signal Police

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A smart dog who had been trapped with other pets inside a vehicle for several days could no longer wait for help, and notified police himself – by honking the horn.

The muzzled dog was left in appalling conditions with two other dogs and two cats in a truck, with no proper care.

A week earlier, the London Humane Society in Ontario received a complaint about three dogs being left in unhygienic home.  The owners likely fled to avoid being caught by Humane Society officers.

On Thursday, Donna Hebert and Allan Folkins were charged with several counts of animal cruelty.

All the animals have been taken to the Humane Society.

4 thoughts on “Ontario Dog Trapped in Truck Honks to Signal Police”

  1. Smart dog! It’s a shame that the owners are so stupid, they had a smart dog and treated it and the other animals like garbage. That dog was obviously a lot smart than the owners. Stupid humans, I’m so tired of hearing about these dumba$$ people neglecting and abusing these wonderful animals that deserve so much more than what they are given. I find it disgusting that I have to breath the same air as these foul people!!!!

  2. What a smart dog! I have a friend with 2 boxers. If she leaves them in the car for more than 5 minutes, the male honks the horn and the female sits in the passenger seat looking annoyed. The people that did this need to be locked in a truck for a few days with no food or facilities.

  3. Sad to think of how hungry and desperate he and his friends were, but at least they are safe now. I hope his owners are severely punished.

  4. what you all don’t seem to understand that being “rescued” by the Ontario “Humane” Society may be the shortest route to death for these dogs.

    They really don’t rescue anything…..well, maybe, since this case has quite a bit of publicity……that is their only hope.


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