Owners Honoring Dog-Loving Soldier by Tweeting Their Pet Pics

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10.25.14 - Owners Honoring DogFEAT

People posting pictures of their dogs to their Twitter account isn’t exactly something new.  Anyone at any time can log in to their Twitter account and are guaranteed to see a ton of photos of people with their dogs, or their dogs wearing costumes and just about any number of possibilities when it comes to dog photos.

10.25.14 - Owners Honoring Dog1

However, a recent trend on Twitter is posting a picture of your pet with the tag “#TweetAPicOfYourDog” attached.  It all started as a tribute to honor reservist and dog lover Nathan Cirillo.

10.25.14 - Owners Honoring Dog2

Cirillo was murdered Wednesday in a terrorist attack.  The attack took place while he was guarding Canada’s National War Memorial.

10.25.14 - Owners Honoring Dog3

At first, there was a tweet from Cirillo’s family.  It was a heartbreaking photo of Cirillo’s dogs, waiting for the return of their human, and because of this terrible attack, that will not happen for them now.

10.25.14 - Owners Honoring Dog4

Along with bringing a tear to many people’s eyes, the photo has also inspired a massive group of people to do the same.  This is how “#TweetAPicOfYourDog was started.

10.25.14 - Owners Honoring Dog5

Now Twitter is practically overrun with the photos.  All in tribute to one brave soldier’s senseless death.

10.25.14 - Owners Honoring Dog6

A special thank you goes out to Cirillo and his family.  He paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep his country and people safe.  This does seem like a very fitting tribute to a national hero and dog lover.

10.25.14 - Owners Honoring Dog7