Owner’s Love for Disabled Dog Goes Viral

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Bowie in her wagon


One dedicated pet owner’s love for her dog has recently touched many hearts.  Her message is simple:  “You may never walk again but we’ll never stop having adventures together.”

Reddit user ‘thepoultron’ posted a photo of her paralyzed dog Bowie, and it has already garnered hundreds of comments (likely thousands by now).  Some had negative things to say, but in general the responses were overwhelmingly positive.

Bowie is a six-year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever.  She was playing fetch with her 95-pound son Mac when the pair collided.  Bowie was left paralyzed from the waist down.  She spent two weeks in the intensive care unit and has just come home.

Still all smiles in the ICU

“She lives on a farm and loves to run and swim,” her owner commented.  “She still had another 5+ years of an amazingly active life to look forward to… But now she can’t do anything on her own.”

Like the rest of her breed, Bowie has always been very active and adventurous, but the injury has not dampened her spirits.  Her human wants Bowie to have the best quality of life possible.  Pessimistic commenters suggested that she was only prolonging her dog’s misery, but she disagrees.

“If you saw her, you’d still say she’s the happiest dog in the world,” thepoultron replied.

She is currently undergoing physical therapy three times a day, and the family is looking into options for her to regain mobility.  They have spoken to a local bicycle shop about the possibility of creating a contraption for Bowie to move herself around.  Another Redditor following the story told thepoultron about an organization that donates doggie wheelchairs.

“She’s seen me through a lot the last 6 years,” her owner wrote.  “I’m happy to be here for her for the next ~6+ to come.”




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  1. Our dog is diabetic and has lost her vision, we have to give her shots and check her sugar twice a day in addition to guiding her every where she needs to go. She has given us unconditional love for the past 10 years- It is with great joy that our family can give back to her. Parent’s of disabled pets are a uniquely strong and loving group of people. Thank you for the love you give to Bowie.

  2. There is a great place here in the New Orleans area that has had great success in rehabilitation called Dags House (504) 218-7271 http://www.dagshouse.com
    They may have ideas and sources for help as well. They are wonderful. Good luck with your sweet pup.

  3. Really very touching story!! As long as she has the spirit to live… let her live!! No matter what others say!! She will tell her owner when she is ready to go. So did our dog…. All the best for her and her family!!

  4. Please contact Jerry West at The Rolling Dog Project. He makes carts for donations and has given hundreds of dogs their mobility back!

  5. Tina – my boxer also has DM – it is killing me. I don’t think I will be able to do the wheelchair thing as I work all day and can’t leave him in it all day and can’t have him lying all day – can I ask you? – do you work?

    I am so distraught with the though of utting him down when the time comes but I don’t know what to do.

    thank you.

    • Find a person or family who would love him and care for him. Try through your spca or Animal shelter. All the best.

      • Beware of some shelters or spca or humane societies. Check out their kill rates. Some would simply destroy a dog like this. It always amazes me that people donate to some of these places without truly checking them out to see what they do.

    • M…why don’t you check out some discussion groups of people who have dogs with similar conditions? You may find they have some ideas of how to work it out. Dogs can’t stay in wheelchairs all the time anyway. Check out a ‘drag bag’ that is made so the dog can be out of the wheelchair and pull him or herself along. Good luck.

    • you only put your dog in wheel chair when you go for walks around the home he can chill on sofa with pads and you can have a water bowl at his level so he doesnt have to get up, mine was able to pull himself around and then use the wheels to enjoy walking with us


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