PA Police Rescue Dog Tied to Street Sign

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On Jan 29, 2014, police officers from McAdoo, Pa., rescued a white pit bull that had been abandoned out in the cold and leashed to a street sign.

The dog is believed to have been left out in the cold for approximately two hours before concerned animal lovers, like Jennie Kmec, heard the dog yelping for help and called authorities to have him rescued.

Buddy at McAdoo police station.
Buddy at McAdoo police station.


“I noticed he was yelping and squealing and wailing like he was in pain so then I looked out my window to see he was OK, and I called the police,” Kmec told WNEP 16 News.

The pit bull, named Buddy by officers, shows visible signs of abuse. He is emaciated, hungry, has bite marks and scars throughout its body.

Officers found him tight to no parking sign with a black leash attached to his tan, gray and green camouflage collar.



“It’s obviously [he has] been starved so we want to get all the justice we can for this animal,” said Officer Tony DiVirgilio. “Part of the dog was actually frozen to the sidewalk so it took a little to get the dog unfrozen.”

After being rescued, Buddy spent the night at the police station, He ate treats and warmed up to strangers. The next morning a state dog warden took him to Hillside SPCA near Pottsville, where veterinarians fed and checked the abandoned pup.

Police are now investigating the case and hope to capture Buddy’s abusers. If you, or anyone you know have information about Buddy’s abusers, please contact police investigators at 570-929-2590.


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  1. Thank you for rescuing her…throw the monsters in Jail, we need laws to keep them there for a long time.

  2. I believe, do unto others as what you want done to you, so the pore little furbaby old owners want the same thing done to them, what the did to him, I wish it would happen, I bet it will not, if they go to jail, they will a bed, 3 meals and a TV, go outside, to me it is to good for them


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