Stray Dog Goes from Fat to Fit

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It is not everyday you hear about an obese stray dog, but such things do occur (rarely). In Brazil, a stray dog over fed by many found rescue and got a chance to not only live in a loving home but also get healthy.

Photo credit: Facebook/PamPet
Photo credit: Facebook/PamPet

Named Bolinha (Portuguese for ball), the obese dog lived in a pile of trash behind a gas station. Thanks to his large size, the stray dog was a local celebrity, and it was this fame that helped him get off the streets.

Animal Protection Organization (OPA-MT) help give the dog what he truly needed, love, proper food and exercise. For a year, the chubby dog was placed on a strict regime of healthy food and hydro therapy. The nutritional food controlled his calorie intake, while the water treadmill helped him move, regaining mobility and strengthening his muscles.

The new life style helped Bolinha melt away 30 pounds. He is healthier, happier and more active than before.

Photo credit: Facebook/PamPet
Photo credit: Facebook/PamPet

Rescuers hope the former heavy weight loses 15 more pounds in coming months, that way the dog can reach his optimal weight.

Bolinha, we congratulate you on your success and we will continue to cheer you on until you cross the finish line.

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