Partially Blind Dog Returns Home after Two Years

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Calvin and Maggie with Carrot


When the Sloan family gave away their dog Carrot two years ago, they had no idea they would ever see her again.  But a fortunate accident reunited the family.

Carrot, blind in one eye, was a rescue dog adopted by the Sloans.  After a year, Kristen felt she was too much to care for in a house with two young children and another wild dog.  Kristen Sloan made the painful decision to give Carrot away.

“I was with her at a park and a guy stopped me and said, ‘She’s so cute,’ and I said, ‘Hey, do you want her?’” Sloan said.  “I told him that we couldn’t take care of her the way she needs to be taken care of.”

She spoke to her husband Rob, and after explaining the upsetting news with her children, Kristen made arrangements with the man and drove Carrot to his house, 15 minutes away.

Two years later, Kristen received a phone call she never expected.

“I got a phone call from a pet clinic saying that two women had found Carrot walking down the street and brought her into the clinic,” she said.  “When I called the women, it turns out they found her two blocks from our home.”

Carrot’s microchip still had the Sloans listed as her owners.  After thinking about the mistake she made by giving Carrot up, Kristen realized the dog was meant to be theirs and went to pick her up.

“The kids were already asleep and then one woke up and Carrot jumped on the bed and wagged her tail,” she said. “I think she recognized the kids.”

Six-year-old Maggie and eight-year-old Calvin were overjoyed.  They had not forgotten Carrot, and frequently asked why she had left.

“They both started crying,” Kristen said.  “I don’t think I’ve ever seen them so excited before, even at Christmas time.”

Carrot was “skin and bones” when she was found, but it is unclear if she became so due to neglect or because of an extended amount of time being a runaway.  Kristen is stunned that she was so determined to get back to her home, and that she remembered the way.

“The path has busy roads and train yards and she’s blind in one eye,” she said.  “It’s amazing with that or with the traffic that she wasn’t hurt.”

No matter what may have happened or how she got back, Kristen says this time Carrot is with them for good.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Kristen said.  “She is a lesson on us making a mistake and for a second chance to make it right by her.”




11 thoughts on “Partially Blind Dog Returns Home after Two Years”

  1. This is a TERRIBLE STORY. How long before Kristen gets bored again with Carrot and dumps her on the street? Shame on anyone who would let this woman have any dog. At least her kids can report her neglect and abuse to a trusted adult when she decides she’s bored with caring for them too.

  2. Delete this story! It’s not worth people reading nor is the woman that just gave her dog to some man at a park! My 2 dogs are a handful at times but never would I just dump them. I’ve even made arrangements that if something should happen to me that my niece will take them so they don’t go back into a shelter. Life with dogs is the name of the site not life without your dog!!!!

  3. I am appalled at this woman’s behavior and at her treatment of this special needs dog! Not to mention the callous way she hurt her children by giving away their out! WOW. What if that guy was looking for a bait dog? I just can’t wrap my head around this! Talk about idiotic and irresponsible. She doesn’t deserve this dog. Wonder if we could find the rescue that originally adopted dog out to her – maybe they should take dog back due to breech of contract. My only fear is the children’s hearts being broken again. So maybe not. I feel sorry for both dog AND her kids. What a thoughtless idiot.

  4. When will people realize that dogs are not some kind of intangible items that can be “given away” or “returned” like they are a toy? You are undertaking a responsibility to care for and protect that dog. I feel sorry for that poor dog. “Too much to care for?” Were they not expecting to have to care for the dog? Ugh. What is wrong with people?

  5. Seriously? I agree with the others that this is not a good story. They adopted a special needs dog KNOWING SHE HAD VISION ISSUES and just gave her away without contacting the group or shelter they initially got her from? Hopefully, the family has learned the value of commitment this time.

  6. Where did they adopt this dog from? If it was from a rescue group they probably signed a contract that they were to return the dog.
    They just gave the dog away to a stranger without doing reference checks or getting a contract signed or anything. How irresponsible of them! Do they realize what can happen to dogs given away?
    This is a perfect story of what NOT to do!

  7. How any person could just “give away” their pet to some man at the dog park, is beyond my imagination. This woman should never own a pet, because I just know that sometime in the future, she will find another stupid reason to give away this sweet, innocent dog. Shame on you, you stupid ignorant human.


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