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Parvovirus Survivor Needs a Home

by Melanie

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7.19.13 - Pokey3

Pokey is an adorable pit bull mix that desperately needs a home. He has been at the AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue for over seven months and would really love for a family to adopt him.

He was surrendered to Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Services at about eight months old when it was learned that he had contracted the highly fatal Parvovirus. He was treated and made a full recovery.

7.19.13 - Pokey2

He was put into an adoption program, but space was limited, so the SPCA was called. They declared him too hyper, so the clinic had to take him back or have him euthanized.

Certified veterinary technician Cecilia Nieves, who is working on establishing her own rescue organization, has been fostering Pokey since then. She started taking him to training classes at Courteous Canine. He is not a bad dog – just still a big puppy at 15 months.

7.19.13 - Pokey1

He knows how to sit, walk much better on a leash, no jumping on people and loves all dogs, cats, etc.,” Cecilia said.

Some have expressed interest in Pokey, but for whatever reason, have always backed out of adoption at the last minute. He is an incredibly sweet and loving dog who just needs a home of his own.

If you would like more information or to adopt Pokey, please contact Cecilia at 813-486-0124 or email her at [email protected].

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More photos can be seen in Pokey’s Facebook Album.