Peanut: Emaciated Death Row Dog is Rescued and Recovers

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December 12, 2012: Peanut gets a visit from Second Chance Rescue founder Jennifer Brooks.


A starved and neglected dog is saved and nursed back toward health by a rescue group that couldn’t stand by and allow him to die.

We first saw Peanut as his haunting BACC (Brooklyn, New York  Animal Care and Control) intake photo was shared at Facebook on December 2. The sad looking emaciated 2 year old pit bull was not looking back from the photo; his body language seemed to say that he had given up hope and didn’t have the strength or the will to lift his head for the photo that would signal his last chance at life.

Peanut was only given until 5pm that day to be pulled by an approved rescue group or he would die. In stepped Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs. Second Chance rescued Peanut from the NYC ACC facility’s Death Row and rushed him to the Blue Pearl animal hospital branch in Forest hills, Queens.

We have followed Peanut’s progress from afar, but waited until he began to fill out and regain his strength before sharing his journey back from the brink with you here.

Peanut was given intensive rehabilitative care for four days at Blue Pearl, and was then released to a foster home with a family and their dog. Peanut initially responded well to the loving home environment but issues with the family’s dog contributed to a setback for the delicate dog trying to make both a physical and an emotional recovery. Peanut reportedly wanted very much to be with the other dog but had to be kept separate due to his delicate condition.

Peanut had returned to the hospital by December 9. He was stressed over a situation with the other dog and wasn’t eating as he should. He was given supplements and had blood work done.  A case of “Happy Tail”  led to his having a procedure scheduled to remove the damaged tip of his tail.

Peanut is doing well and headed back in the right direction again, and will be released from the hospital soon. The rescue group has been looking for a foster home where Peanut will be the only dog, and where he can receive a lot of loving attention in a calm atmosphere.  The foster would ideally live relatively near the hospital to make it easy to get Peanut back and forth for his followup checkups and blood work.

As the photo at top shows, in contrast to those presented below, Peanut seems truly on his way to a better life. He will spend a couple of months in recovery with a foster caregiver before he is ready for adoption.


Peanut’s heartbreaking BACC intake photo


“Peanut is a 2 year old boy, severely emaciated at 37 pounds, found in Brooklyn NY. His conditions were so severe that upon intake, he was given till 5 pm that same day if not, the ACC will put him down. Jennifer Brooks immediately emailed the ACC to put in a hold on Peanut, so that he will not be killed. He was rushed to the vet, body temperature at 88 degrees, eyes sunken, extremely weak.”


Peanut was immediately rushed to the hospital after being pulled from the ACC.


In the lobby, getting some exercise.


Update from Jennifer brooks, December 3:

“Our little man is doing really well! I went to the hospital today and I was able to take him out for a walk! He is just a bundle of kisses and love, so forgiving and unaware of the neglect that he suffered at the hands of “humans”. His prognosis is really bright. His blood chem came back pretty normal, his liver enzymes a little high, however the dr’s say that is a result of dehydration and starvation. His body temperature is almost normal it is at 100!! His white blood cell count is a little bit elevated, however they feel that because of some cuts and sores on his body, that is the cause. He is on clavamox for infection. He has been taken off IV fluids, and is drinking on his own, lots. He is also eating small set calorie meals that are portioned according to his calorie intake for now. They are building it up as he gets stronger. This boy is just a complete mush, he loves to have his head buried into your arms. He gives tons of kisses and his tail wags so much, that he has happy tail! I took this picture of him heading out for our walk today, he is so eager to explore and say hello to everyone who passes by.”


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December 5: “Today our boy was given the green light by the doctors to play with toys!! “


December 5:

“This boy is just so sweet, it amazes me! He gets excited to see me, and wags his tail like crazy!

“His body condition is absolutely shocking, and when I am with him, I thank God that he has made it to us, and that his future will be full of love and care, and kisses!!

“The doctors are also optimistic and say that he is on the road to recovery. His liver enzymes are still high, and they are hoping that they begin to regulate as food is introduced back into his body. He also has some sores on his body, and they are beginning to scab 🙂 His organ function is normal!!! Thank God, we were so worried that there would be damage due to the extent of his starvation, however with all the tests that have been done, no permanent damage is visible- This is a HUGE Relief. Our little man is a true survivor!!!”

Peanut was released into foster care shortly after this, and remained there for a few days before returning to the hospital to recover from a slight setback.


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Peanut, December 12.

Peanut yesterday; filling out, doing well, and looking up at the photographer as his personality begins to shine through. Peanut’s transformation from his intake photo to the dog you see here took only 10 days.



Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs is accepting donations to help with Peanut’s care.

Photos and captions via Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs at Facebook.