Pet Hospice Helps Owners Say Good Bye

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When the time comes, more pet owners are choosing animal hospice services to help them say good bye to their beloved pets. Hospice care also helps petparents to provide a good quality of life to their healthy senior pets.

4 thoughts on “Pet Hospice Helps Owners Say Good Bye”

  1. The dogs are not surrendered; the vet goes to their house and provides in-home care and at the end, the animal is euthanized at home. I think it is a wonderful idea and so much less stress on the both the animal and the pet parent.

  2. Apparently the first person didn’t bother to watch the video. I have had to make the decision to have 2 of my ‘boys’ put to sleep when they were ready. I would have much preferred to have a vet come to my house as opposed to taking them into a clinic.

  3. My vet. would do this for us, when the time comes. I think we could live it being done that way. Our dog Smokey is a 15 year old Shepard that has a lot of pain (at times) in his back legs. This would make it easier for us to live with.


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