Petco Sued for Cutting Dog’s Ear Off, Gluing it Back On

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Two Hawaii women have filed a lawsuit against the Kaneohe Petco, claiming that groomers had accidentally chopped off body parts and tried to hide the injuries by gluing ears and tails back on.

Gladys Kapuwai told reporters that she took her dog Dodo to the Petco in Kaneohe for routine grooming last July. Two days later she realized one of Dodo’s ears had been cut off and glued back in place.

“Was dried, bloody, was dry blood, everything,” Kapuwai said. “I noticed that at home, so when I took her to the vet, the doctor had told me it looked like they tried to glue it back.”

According to the civil complaint, Attorney Michael Green had a similar experience with his pet. “The nails are bleeding because they were cut too short, the dog was filthy and the tip of the dog’s tail was cut off,” Green said. “They didn’t seem, the people at Petco didn’t seem overly concerned about that.”

Green says that Petco’s negligence caused serious emotional distress, and that management was unsympathetic when asked to explain.

“My dog, they offered another free grooming,” Green said. “I guess they wanted to take off other body parts.”

Kapuwai hopes the lawsuit will lead to stricter guidelines for groomers, and prompt Petco to improve training and safety standards. She says that all she expected was basic competence, and above all, honesty.

“Even the doctor said they could have saved her ear if they told me right there, but they didn’t,” Kapuwai said.

14 thoughts on “Petco Sued for Cutting Dog’s Ear Off, Gluing it Back On”

  1. Some people say – “you can’t blame the ‘corporationa as the whole’ for one bad location?” WTH?
    Look at the manager’s response – a free groom???

    I don’t know why people even shop there. I hear so many bad things about Petco.

    This is incomprehensible. It says alot for the groomers that didn’t mention it to the owners.

  2. A friend of mine had a cocker that went to a Petsmart – the cocker Lady was petrified of the store after that. I ended uP grooming her for him at his home. It took several hours as she was terrified of the clippers and the grooming table(she never had been before she was 12 years old) after several groomings with me she stood there like a champ and was even excited to get her spa day. At another Petsmart I watched and reported abuse. The groomer actually yanked on a dogs foot and jerked him towards her. He was not being anything but a typical dog. They all try to pull their feet away she jerked him so hard he moved Inches on the table towards her! At a Petco a lady was being escorted out by police with her little dog – they cut Both Ears off and tried to put them back on- the put them on BACKWARDS!

  3. Im never getting my dog hazel groomed ever again after reading this I never had a problem before but I’m not taking any chances

  4. We bath and groom both of our dogs. We get their clipped by our Vet. I think that this is a horrible story. But I still don’t understand why it took two days for the owner to notice the poor little dog’s ear. I hope that the lawsuit will teach Petco a lesson. I hope that both little dogs will be okay and that the persons or person who groomed both of the dogs, whose owners’ are suing, will be fired!

  5. Sometimes you DO have to dismiss the whole darn corporation because corporations have management and management tends to hire the kinds of people that “fit” the corporate culture. I can tell you this: I witnessed a groomer abusing a dog and she was so lost to any sense of shame that she didn’t even appear to care that people were watching her do it; I turned her in to management at PetSmart where this happened, both to the store and to corporate. They basically made excuses for the groomer and blew me off. On at least two other occasions people left their dogs in their closed up cars in the PetSmart parking lot on hot days – weird because you can take your dogs INTO the stores – and not only did the PetSmart manager at that location refuse to do anything even put out an announcement on the PA system for the people to get their dogs to safety (I was the one calling the cops on the neglectful owners and yes they were cited and the dogs saved, both occasions). I contacted PetSmart corporate and suggested they post information on their store doors about the dangers of dogs left in cars on hot days and their response was “We would never tell a pet owner what to do and we will not be taking any kind of action in these cases nor will our store managers.” So to me it is very clear that these big box pet stores in their corporate culture are only interested in collecting money for the products they sell and not interested in the animals that are the “real” customers. This is why I no longer shop at any of the big box pet supply stores. Should also warn people that there have been a LOT of lawsuits against Banfield in-store clinics at many of the PetSmart stores, lawsuits for neglect, malpractice, and downright abuse. My own vet said the rep in the vet community is pretty much taht Banfield is where vets get hired who aren’t good enough to work anywhere else! All this to me says these stores have corporate cultures that infiltrate their employees’ attitudes and the result of these attitudes isn’t something I would ever want my dog subjected to.

  6. I would definitely avoid petco and petsmart grooming. They don’t seem to care. I called them once to have my dog’s anal glands emptied, and they told me I had to bring all my vet records in, including that she have a annual rabies vaccine. Even though the state law says every 3 years. My dog had cancer so the vet said no more rabies shots, as one rabies shot protects any dog or cat for a lifetime and overvaccinating is probably why she got cancer in the first place and causes cancer in lots of dogs and cats since they only need one vaccine for life. Petco told me that they didn’t care if my dog had cancer or not, I must get a rabies shot even if it kills her. I returned everything we bought from petco, used leashes, collars, even open food and treats for a refund and found a very nice groomer to take care of her when needed and I buy all my pet food from as everything is made in the USA and my pet products I buy from smaller petshops that care.
    I read numerous complaints long be fore this article so this is the way of business for petco and petsmart.

    • This is done to protect the groomers. If your dog bites them, or someone else, they need to make sure the dog is up to date on their vaccines. I’m not a fan of the Petco grooming salon either, but I can completely understand their reasoning for this.


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