Petland in Omaha is Closing

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According to Jessica Kamish of rescue group Pug Partners of Nebraska and the new pet supply store, Green Spot Omaha, Petland in Omaha is closing its doors.

The Omaha Petland has been open at its present location since 2003 under several different management teams. Including the Omaha Petland, there are 140 Petland stores in the United States and several in seven other countries.  A handful of Petland stores in America and now all Petlands in Canada adopt out rescued dogs instead of selling puppies. The Petland in Omaha was not one of those Petlands. Most Petland stores in the United States, including the Omaha Petland, sold puppies in very large numbers and representing many breeds and mixes of breeds. The puppies were shipped to the store from off-site sources.

On visiting the Omaha Petland with my family today, we found that the store was open but being run by an auction company.  No Petland team members were available for comment. The auction staff was able to confirm that Petland was indeed closing and not merely relocating, but did not know the reason for the closing.

Here is Where My Objective Reporting Ends…

My suspicion is that Petland is closing for financial reasons. My suspicion for the underlying reason for the financial issues is that Omaha is no longer willing to buy puppies if we do not know if their parents are well treated. We have a wonderful humane society in Omaha – Nebraska Humane Society. We have wonderful rescue groups.  We even have wonderful breeders – “professional” and “family” breeders – in and around Omaha.

A friend asked me yesterday about choosing a purposely bred puppy wisely. I told him that an almost foolproof test is to ask if you can meet the mama. If you do, and if you have a good feeling about the overall situation, you will almost always be choosing wisely. It is not, of course that simple, and does not help with adopting rescued pets as much as adopting from a breeder, but I still think it is a good consideration, and a test which Petland was not able to pass.

I know some wonderful puppies from Petland. I know some wonderful people who have puppies from Petland. I know some of the “heartbreak” stories of health train wrecks too.  Omaha has moved past the need for Petland, and they have quietly closed up shop.  I am quietly saying in response, as a pet lover, as a veterinarian, and as a proud citizen of Omaha, that I am glad.

14 thoughts on “Petland in Omaha is Closing”

  1. We adopted a wonderful beagle from Petland in October. The problem is, we still have not received his AKC paperwork and now I fear that I never will. Any advice?

    • Jodie,
      when you adopt a new family member, you do not worry about AKC paperwork. If you need a registered pet for showing, you really need
      to find a reputable breeder

    • Hi Jodie. See if there is any contact information on the paperwork that came with your Beagle. If not, maybe AKC can help get his papers for you.

    • You may have gotten your papers by now, but petland has your puppies records that have the breeder contact info. if you really worried about getting the registry papers just call them and say you havent recieved it and would like to know the breeder that he came from. They keep all of that stuff on file by the number on your dogs book thing they give you when you purchase them.

  2. Hi Karen! It is nice to meet you! I try to keep track of Omaha rescues, and I love Dauchshunds 🙂

  3. I was acually really dissapointed seeing petland closed
    It was the best pet store that ive been to
    I was going to get 2 ferrets in a couple months There
    Cuz you can just hold them without asking the
    Workers to open it up therefore they were tame 🙁
    Btw im 13

  4. Its sad you people are so “glad” petlands closeing when several other stores in omaha should be shut down. petlands puppies are well taken care of and come from breeders. a vet checks them in before they are even put up for sale. go down the road to rockbrook and check out pets r us theres a store that should be shut down. or tulleys what a joke.. petland was the only store in omaha where you could get a quality healthy pet, dog cat small animal reptile. they definatly had the best quality. sad to see them close up.

    • A puppy mill is a puppy mill. All of them should be closed down. We will rejoice the same when the others fall.


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