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Photo: Crying Dog Gets Adopted

by Katherine

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When High Plains Humane Society (HPHSN) in Clovis, New Mexico posted a photo of a dog in a kennel with visible tears on her face, they never expected their phone lines to ring nonstop, but that’s just what happened on August 3, 2015.


Like many animal organization do, HPHSN posts pictures on Facebook of animals available for adoption all the time. Some dogs get lots of interest while others reach a few dozen likes.

When the organization posted the image of the crying dog, social media fans reacted immediately. Many jumped to comment they would adopt the dog to get her out of the shelter immediately, and within hours the lucky dog got her wish come true.


While most of us wait to be shown an image that will tug at our hearts, we must remember that shelters across the nation are filled with thousands of animals that deserve a loving home. Don’t wait for a photograph, visit your local shelter and save a life today.