Pit Bull Abandoned Under Bridge Rescued

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Dennis was found by someone after being abandoned under a bridge and left to die.  The poor dog was so sick, and barely able to fend for himself at all.



“Dennis was abandoned on a bridge and was left to die. When a young man, Gabriel Sepulveda passed by on his skateboard, he saw Dennis and remembered watching the Hope For Paws video of Jordan, so he knew to call us.  It took Lisa Chiarelli and I two hours to get to the location, and what we saw was horrifying. Dennis was on the ground, unable to move, and was covered with ticks.  We picked him up, rushed to the hospital, and we started the process of taking all the ticks off and cleaning him up.  While doing that, we rushed Lisa’s dog (Lola) to the hospital so she could donate blood for Dennis as he suffered from severe anemia.  For the next 5 days Dennis was seen by neurologists, cardiologists, and internal medicine specialists, but all of this was not enough… Dennis was too far gone, and his body was shutting down.  Not all rescues have happy endings… it’s important to understand that!  Dennis was neglected somewhere for a long time, and no one spoke for him. If you see an animal in need, please say something… do something.  Please share so people will know to take action next time they see a case of neglect or abuse.

Thank you!


3.29.16 - Dennis2


54 thoughts on “Pit Bull Abandoned Under Bridge Rescued”

  1. With tears in my eyes I want to say that I know Dennis is in the best hands possible now. His spirit can run free from pain and suffering forever. I live in Southern Oregon, and we don’t have groups and organizations like Hope for Paws here. All we have is the Humane Society and Animal control, and they generally just put the animal down.
    Maybe this will inspire people around the world to have a change of heart and help those animals still out there left to die, including Oregon.

  2. Dennis, you’re running with the angels ,playing ball, having fun. I’m soooo sorry some human person (although he/she should not be called human) had to do this to you. Eventually they will get their due, What goes around comes around 10 fold!

  3. What I’d like to say would be a mute point….Karma….

    In the end, Dennis finally felt the touch of caring hands, heard those who loved him tell him what a good boy he is, what a brave boy he is, he heard them say “I love you, Dennis”……He didn’t die alone, he was in the arms of caring angels. Rest in peace, Dennis….Run free…You are at peace now.

  4. At least as he crossed over to Rainbow Bridge he was held and loved by those caring staff. God bless the ones who cared.

  5. So sad. I hope they find who did this and “shut” them down. Please if you live in that area and know who did this, contact the authorities. This dog suffered for a long time before he was found and someone sat and watched that happen before dumping him in the street like he was nothing but trash.


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