Pit Bull Rescued in Second Largest Dog Fighting Bust Finds Forever Home

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Last August, Addison was rescued with hundreds of other dogs in the second largest dog fighting bust in U.S. history. Now the pit bull is getting a fresh start with a new family.

Addison was one of more than 400 dogs rescued last summer when months of investigation paid off and led to the bust of a large dog fighting ring in the states of Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. Now Addison and many of the other rescued dogs have come a long way and are ready to start new lives with loving families.

“Five months ago, she was an emaciated dog on a chain with zero socialization and very little hope,” said Kate Callahan, co-founder of the rescue Jasmine’s House.

Today is a very different story. Addison found a new home and family over the weekend. Duke and Kim Speed are welcoming Addison into their family.

“She’s in need of a good home, and we’re in need of her,” said Kim Seed.

Not only is Addison ready for her new family, but the rescue thinks she has potential as a therapy dog and they hope to utilize her as part of their humane education school program.

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