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Police Dog Saved with Blood Transfusion from Dog that Needs a Home


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Sgt. Lee Young plays with Buddy, the dog that saved his partner’s life

When a Tennessee police dog named Ely needed a blood transfusion a shelter dog named Buddy came to the rescue.

Rutherford County K-9 officer Ely collapsed on Sunday while on a manhunt for a shooting suspect. Ely suffered a heat stroke, which caused him to suffer internal bleeding, hemorrhaging and some damage to his intestines. When a veterinarian checked the Belgian Malinois’ blood level on Tuesday it was discovered his blood platelets were low.

Thankfully the veterinarian staff had a solution. Buddy was surrendered by his family because he couldn’t get along with their other dogs. He is waiting to find a new home and is living at the Williams Animal Hospital until he finds that home. On Tuesday Buddy became a hero saving K-9 Ely’s life.

Once Ely received the transfusion he soon started to improve.

“Ely continues to improve,” said Dr. Sara Covert. “He is eating well. We’re still monitoring him and rechecking his blood. Everything else is stabilized. We’re all ecstatic.”

Most ecstatic is Ely’s partner, Sgt. Lee Young, who spent a good portion of his time over the past few days sitting on the kennel floor comforting Ely.