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Police K-9 Nabs Man Who Beat Woman and Her Dog

by Melanie

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Belgian Malinois Aerie with APD officer Lonnie Brown.
Belgian Malinois Aerie with APD officer Lonnie Brown.


An Anchorage, Alaska man is behind bars after badly assaulting his girlfriend and her Rottweiler mix, thanks to a police dog who got a bit of retribution for his fellow canine.

Oscar Fabela Villa II was out on bail for a prior charge, and on probation for earlier convictions when he got drunk and assaulted his girlfriend because she would not give him the keys to his vehicle.

“Villa told her she should be afraid of him and then grabbed her by the neck and strangled her until she passed out,” the charges say. “When she came to she was in a bedroom and Villa was holding her pet dog by the collar and hitting and kicking the dog repeatedly.”

According to police spokeswoman Dani Myren, the Rottweiler-shepherd mix freed itself, but Villa grabbed its collar and continued his attack. The girlfriend valiantly tried to protect her pet, but Villa punched her in the face. He ended up letting her leave with the dog and a few belongings, but later texted to her that he had a rifle, which was found by police.

When police arrived at the residence, Villa was gone, but he was quickly spotted driving a tan or gold 2001 Chevy Suburban.

“It matched the description of the vehicle they were looking for. They attempted to stop it, but he declined,” Myren said.

Villa accelerated when he heard the siren, but turned right onto a dead-end street.

“He spun a 180 and was facing the officer,” Myren said. “He was yelling and screaming.”

After hitting two patrol cars, Villa took off on foot. He was warned to stop, and then had a police dog, a Beligian Malinois named Aerie, released to catch him. Villa ran for about a half mile, jumping over fences, but in the end was no match for Aerie, who quickly caught up and latched onto the man’s arm and dragged him to the ground.

“Villa fought off the dog and continued running until he was taken down a second time and officers were able to get him in handcuffs,” the charges say. “He was very combative with officers and threatened to kill the police dog.”

Villa was taken into custody, where his blood alcohol registered a 0.11, over the legal limit of 0.08. He was charged with assault, animal cruelty, drunken driving and resisting arrest.