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Police Officers Rush to Help Dog Hurt By Hedgehog

by Katherine

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When a stray dog from Cauca, Colombia, cried in agony on the streets of the city of Silvia, the first ones to run to the stray’s rescue were local policemen. The dog had the unfortunate fate of meeting a hedgehog. Officers believe the pet tried to play, eat or attack the wild animal, and in return, the hedgehog used its defense mechanism and jabbed the dog with dozens of spikes. The stray ran wild and cried inconsolably while its mouth, chest and front legs were pierced with hedgehog spikes. Thankfully, the officers calmed the dog and rushed a veterinarian to offer the dog some needed care.



A video posted on Youtube by Leider Lopez shows how five policemen gathered around the injured pet, secure him with a rope and petted the dog calming him down. Meanwhile, everyone awaited the arrival of a local veterinarian.

Witnesses gathered around to offer help as well as to see what the commotion was about.

The veterinarian gave the dog a sedative and with the help of another civilian, and the use of pliers and other tools, they removed the spikes.



In the video we can see how officers try to comfort the dog while the veterinarian works to remove the spines, but at one point the pet loses consciousness because the pain is too much to bear.

Luckily, all spines are removed and the dog regains consciousness. Free of spines and with manageable pain, the stray finds himself surrounded by loving hands.

Erizo after having all spikes removed.
Erizo after having all spikes removed.


The police officers adopted the dog and made him an official member of their police station. The dog was named Erizo (Spanish for hedgehog) after the unlucky encounter.

Locals and authorities believe the next time Erizo sees a hedgehog, he will run away from the wild animal.