Police Officers Stop Abuse to Puppy & Adopt Her

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One of the many officers Seven won over.
One of the many officers Seven won over.


A beagle mix puppy is in safe hands after officers from the Prince William County Police Department intervened when she saw the dog being abused.

8.23.13 - Officer Adopts Puppy2

The Manassas, Virginia officers were on bike patrol when they spotted the spotted three-month-old being kicked by her owner. They immediately rushed over, arrested the owner for animal cruelty and took the puppy to safety.

8.23.13 - Officer Adopts Puppy5

She became an instant sensation at the station, charming every officer with her adorable puppy wiles. She was named Little Seven after Star Trek character Seven of Nine, but one officer in particular thought she was a ten.

8.23.13 - Officer Adopts Puppy4

Seven was going to be put up for adoption, but Officer Katie Zaimis couldn’t get the beagle-pit bull pup out of her mind, and decided to adopt her.

8.23.13 - Officer Adopts Puppy3

Now Seven has settled into her new life, getting spoiled by everyone she meets. The PWCPD kept interested parties up to date by posting, “Seven and her new family are doing great.”



24 thoughts on “Police Officers Stop Abuse to Puppy & Adopt Her”

  1. The first picture of that dog is not the same dog as the others. The patches on the officers shoulders are in a foreign language.

    • look at it again you dumbass! only this time try to think that the officers arm movement may have blurred that part of the pic! it most certainly is in English.

    • Are you hoping for a conspiracy here brainiac?

      “Police maliciously rescue abused puppy and adopt her……”

      Geez, some people want to find something wrong in everything!

  2. that most certainly is so the same dog and the patch is in english.. Its just another attempt to discredit people for doing good to save another animal from the clutches of people like you.

  3. Thank you to these wonderful policemen who not only saved this puppy from abuse, but also adopted her. She is adorable!

  4. Reading this story really ticks me off. Why is it that in every story or every rescue case dogs are labeled Pit Bull mixes? Take a really good look at that beautiful puppy….seriously, does she/he look like a Pit Bull? Why is it that all dogs are suddenly given a Pit Bull title when they are abused or abandoned and don’t have a home or family? Is it a way to gain sympathy, or a way to bring out the worst in dogs that need adoption or a home??? NO! STOP IT! BTW, to anyone who knows dogs, she looks like a Dalmatian Beagle mix!

    • Good lord, not every dog with spots is a Dalmatian, you numpty. That most definitely is no Dalmatian mix and have you not stopped to consider that they call it a pibble mix because they got the dog from the owner who might actually know the parents?


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