Police Respond to Dog-Killing Threat Posted on Facebook

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Mark Joiner II with his dog, Stella.
Mark Joiner II with his dog, Stella.

A California man is learning a lesson about the seriousness of dog-killing threats after making a Facebook post that summoned police to his doorstep.

Mark Joiner II posted a photo of his dog Stella on his Facebook page Wednesday, saying he wanted her gone because she pooped on his bed and chewed up some of his things.

Anybody want her? … She’s FREE,” he posted. “Pick her up today or she will be shot and stuck in a hole by 9 pm.”

He then offered to pay someone $20 to take her.

Several people took screenshots of his posts and sent them to the Ceres Police Department’s page, pleading for them to investigate.

Police responded and went to Joiner’s home, but “were assured that he was only venting and the dog appeared to be unharmed.”

It can only be hoped that between Facebook friends monitoring and the police having intervened, Joiner will be taking good care of Stella.

Though dog-lovers generally are tolerant and have great senses of humor, with the number of abuse and murder cases, threatening to kill one’s dog is not something people take lightly. Frustration is completely understandable, as is venting, but threatening to kill a dog is no joking matter, and police responded accordingly.

In the future, Joiner should perhaps take lessons in anger management and dog training to avoid making such blunderous statements.



Ceres police had their hands full that day – they also rescued an abandoned puppy in a box with a bowl of curdled milk. Officer Ross Bays brought it to the station and gave it a bath. He later took the pup, named Parker, to city hall to see if anyone wanted to adopt it. A city employee did, and took it to a vet for a check-up. Parker was found to have bronchitis, but is expected to fully recover. 


From dog-lovers everywhere, bravo, officers.



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  1. ive had my ladybird for 6 years, oh I wanted to murder her and wanted to get rid of her but I jus thought about how she was treated!!!

  2. I take it the previous commenter is the owner or a friend of the owner. Many of us, who dedicate our time to networking dogs and seeking justice for animals abused read the post in horror. So glad that the police took it seriously but shame they didn’t remove the dog at the same time. I have 6 large dogs that would never poo on my bed but I take care of them properly. Hope the dog finds a new owner capable of giving it the time and attention it deserves. Shame on the current owner.

  3. Poor dog.. He looks like a gang banger wanna be. Pray for dog. Why didnt they take her?
    She looks like he is forcing her to kiss him. Where are the parents. He still looks wet behind the ears. So Sad.

  4. Why wasn’t the dog removed. This gang-wannabe jerk obviously knows nothing about training dogs or caring for them. No dog poops in the house if he is properly trained and cared for. Sure, if you take off and leave the dog in the house all day with no way to get out, what the hell do you expect? Can YOU hold it that long?

    I suspect the dog get damn little quality outdoor time or playtime.

    Wish the cops had taken the dog away.


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