Police Save Drowning Dog

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riverdogA dog in Alabama was struggling to stay afloat when a deputy from the Limestone County Sheriff’s office jumped in and saved the dog’s life.

The dog got into trouble when it became tangled in fishing line in the Elk River. Officers went to a nearby bait shop to try to find a boat. Before the owner of the bait shop could come to help one of the deputies couldn’t wait anymore and jumped into the river to save the dog.

“He took his stuff out of his pockets and his belt and stuff off and jumped in,” said bait shop owner Perry Johnson. “It’s a good thing he went in there when he did, otherwise it wouldn’t never made it.”

The dog was taken to the Limestone County Veterinary Clinic where he was found to be in pretty good health. He was matted, covered in ticks and had a fish hook stuck in one of his legs which the vet removed. The dog will be ready for adoption soon.

10 thoughts on “Police Save Drowning Dog”

  1. Could possibly be a Shih-Tzu or Shih-Tzu mix, maybe Lhasa Apso? Wonderful dogs either way…’course they’re all wonderful.

    Officer, you are a prince and always will be – happy Karma!

  2. This Deputy should be given recognition. at the end of the video, It looks like the the poor dog has a neurological “ticking” of his eyes back and forth. I hope they do a CBC or other tests to see if he is really okay.

  3. after all the INNOCENT dogs ive read about on twitter these past weeks, i have to ask; You tryin to repare your blood thirsty image??? The pigs shot a Disabled vets dog, killing it, a dog on a chain, killing it, a non agressive dog killing it. a toy dog killing it. You want appludes? KILL YOURSELF PIG!!! THAT ID GLADLY CLAP FOR! BLOOD THIRSTY ASSHOLES!!! F Y!!!!!

  4. Yes…by all means, “anonymous”, instead of giving kudos to a decent human being who just so happens to be a deputy for a living, let’s tell him that he is the scum of the Earth. Instead of lauding the good deeds of decent people, no matter what they do for a living, let’s look only at his career choices, and rip him a new one because there are some other people who do crappy things and also have chosen his profession. What do YOU do for a living? I’m sure there are people who have YOUR job who’ve raped children, abused animals, murdered innocent people, and generally been disgusting humans. Or, how about this: what’s your ethnicity? Your religious views? Your political party? Your financial standing? I’m sure we can find a horrible human who is JUST LIKE YOU, in almost every way, and because of that, we should judge you as we do them, regardless of your behavior. Stereotypes are so fun!! I live in Limestone Co. Our Sheriff and his deputies are actually really nice people and add so much to this community. What do you do?? My guess is you do little more than rant and rave anonymously on the internet. Be gone, troll. This is a happy ending. Go be miserable somewhere else.


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