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Profile of a Rescuer

by Karen Harrison Binette

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BBC Yorkshire & Lincolnshire’s Inside Out show meets Gill Dalley, co-founder of Soi Dog Foundation

Soi Dog Foundation co-founder Gill Dalley, formerly of Leeds, UK,  was recently featured on BBC 1 Yorkshire & Lincolnshire’s Inside Out program. The mini-doc feature on Ms. Dalley tells about her incredible sacrifice and the animals she continues to save, with the help of her husband John Dalley,  staff, volunteers and Soi Dog’s many supporters.

Gill and John Dalley moved from Leeds to Phuket, Thailand in 2003, after taking early retirement for their jobs, and began their work helping the area’s dogs. Gill says you couldn’t walk ten yards down the street without seeing dogs in terrible condition. Gill’s first mission was to help with sterilization of the area’s out-of-control population of dogs.

A freak occurrence while bringing in a tranquilized dog who’d run off into a flooded field left Gill with a physical disability that only furthered her commitment to her mission to help the dogs. While she lives with discomfort and limited abilities every day, she is not deterred, and says if the dogs can overcome horrific abuse and neglect, she can keep going, too.

Gill and John give special credit to her old, blind dog Ginger, who was by her side as she learned to get on with her life and work after a double partial-leg amputation that followed the septicemia infection she picked up in the flooded field.

The video profile, which you can watch below, highlights Soi Dog Foundation and its work making a difference for Thailand’s dogs in need.

The Soi Dog Foundation is a not for profit organization located in Phuket that helps Thailand’s dogs and cats that have been abused or neglected.  The organization provides housing and medical care for the animals and operates a successful adoption program that rehomes rescued dogs to locations as far-flung as the UK, Europe and the US. Soi Dog also operates a spay/neuter program to help limit the number of stray and homeless dogs and cats in Thailand.

You can follow Soi Dog Foundation on Facebook.