Proposed Logan’s Law Would Create Animal Abuser Registry

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New legislation was recently introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives that would establish an animal abuser registry and keep convicted abusers from adopting animals. The bill is known as “Logan’s Law” after a Husky named Logan who was attacked by an unknown person.

In March 2012 someone came into the yard Matt Falk and threw an acid based chemical into the face of his 11-year-old Husky Logan. Although Logan made progress in healing from his wounds in July of 2012 he died from side effects of the attack. Logan’s family has made it their mission to get an animal abuse registry law passed in the State of Michigan. They want to honor Logan’s memory and raise awareness of animal abusers.

Falk tried to get similar legislation introduced last year but it didn’t make it out of committee. Earlier this month the legislation was reintroduced sponsored by Reps. Paul Muxlow and Harvey Santana. The legislation will create a registry of animal abusers. The legislation would also prevent animal shelters from allowing abusers to adopt any animal with a backbone. Once created the registry would be managed by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office animal control division.

The support for this legislation has grown immensely online, reaching over 3 million people. Falk’s Facebook page in support of Logan’s Law has over 10,000 likes and Falk has received support from people all over the world. “Even though Logan’s attack was a terrible thing, we have a chance to turn this into something positive for animals all over the state,” said Falk. “And even hopefully someday the whole country.”

For more information on Logan’s Law and how you can help support it visit thew Logan’s Law website and Facebook page.

24 thoughts on “Proposed Logan’s Law Would Create Animal Abuser Registry”

  1. my parents’s dog was attacked by someone long time ago. The attacker poured acid or hot oil on my dog’s neck and back and fed him hard to digest bones. My parents paid alot of money to get him back to health. Poor Beau. He made it and survived til the age of 15. Never knew who did it. I am glad to see this law developed!

    • Your parents are wonderful people to have stuck with Beau as so many have their dogs euthanized due to the expense involved. Many people sadly can’t afford to own dogs and when steep vet bills come in they have to give their dogs up to kill shelters. Beau was blessed to have your parents as his caregivers and you are blessed to have such exceptional parents.

  2. My condolences for the great loss they had! Hope it comes soon as law!My condolences for the great loss they had! Hope it comes soon as law!

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss..I hope Logan’s law passes There should be one in every State.. No one should have a animal if they are going to abuse it…God Bless!! I do hope you got a new dog..

  4. So glad someone is taking the bull by the horns and doing this! ALL states need to pass this and STICK to it and make the laws stronger to animal abusers!


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